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The Muses of an Artist:  A Journey of Passion

The night was clear. The moon was full, brightly shining and glimmering on the calm waters of the lake. I looked upon the wet sand and remembered a night that I made love to a woman much older than me. Our bodies met, leaving an imprint of our deed. Evidence that two people far different in temperament and thoughts could create such passion.

Now, as I reflect upon that spot, I remember she wasn’t the only one. There were others to come. Who over the years would also leave such an impression. Not necessarily in the sand, although that would happen again, but that none-the-less would shape and direct me to where I am now.

This is a story of the muses that I remember so well. A sort of who’s who that has been a part of my life and shaped my view of the world. Can I say it’s all of them? No. Just the ones that have left an impression as vivid as the one my older lover and I left on a cool summer night next to the lake. But instead of wet sand sticking to both my body and fingers…now it’s graphite and ink.

These are my portraits of those various muses – left unnamed – in this novel.

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 Light My Fire:

It was the summer of 1968. Two friends and I went to a popular state park in northern Ohio. The Doors had just come out with the song “Light My Fire” during the winter of 1967. Little did I know how that song would remind me of my first introduction to love making.

She was blond with large blue eyes, a southern belle from southern Ohio. She was a Goddess (a subject I do today - a homage?) in my eyes. Whose southern twang would seduce me in more than one way.

We were at the clubhouse where a band was playing and most everyone was dancing. This perfection of a woman approached me. Being shy and young I didn’t know what to make of it. She asked me to dance with her and that was the beginning of a night I’ll never forget.

We decided to sneak off from the dance. Being with her family, we couldn’t go to her place, but since my friends were still at the dance we decided to go to our campsite - where we could be alone. There no one would disturb us. No one would know how a young man would be charmed, transformed and made love to.

I looked into her eyes. A blue that I never saw before and never have again. She had asked me if I had ever been with anyone. I said no, just fooling around, but never actually did anything. She softly said with her southern accent – “weell you’re gonna doo it naw”. And with that we preceded to take our clothes off. It was slow, methodical and on my part, seemed like eternity.

The radio was on. The station was playing the most recent music. And as we climbed naked into the sleeping bag our bodies touched, and like a switch, I heard a song that would forever be etched into my mind. Until this day when I hear it, I am reminded of that naked southern goddess. And as she guided me into her, the song “Light My Fire” meant more than Jim Morrison knew. She was doing that to me. Us. And for the next couple of hours I was taught the lessons of love making.

I walked her back to her campsite. And for the next couple of days we would meet and new adventures awaited me. When our time was up we exchanged phone numbers and said we would see each other once again. That never happened. But each time I hear that song on the radio – I do see her. I am reminded that in a time of turmoil and unrest that there are some moments that seem magical. That at a time of war and riots there was a small glimpse of how life should be. Loving, warm, caring and with a small flicker of a fire how the word “passion” and the people associated with it would shape my life.


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Called The Muses of an Artist: A Journey of Passion.

A series of portraits, both in imagery and in verse, that defines a moment that was a important in my life. These individuals are both real and not so real. But they do or did represent what passion meant to me. Particularly in my art and how I approach it.

This book is  made up of a series of  drawings along with the short story behind it. It's about my art, passion and lost loves that have driven the images that I do.

Please download the brief outline and after reading it if you may know of someone willing to help me finish and publish it please have them contact me at ddsrtist@yahoo.com.

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