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Imagine If You Will...

You are in possession of seven stones. On a card provided you have written seven items you feel you can’t live your life without…things most cherished. They are assigned to each of your stones.

Over the entrance to the enclosed sacred space is a sign that says “Know Thyself’. Music is playing - Gregorian chants and “New Age” mixture. You realize you are about to enter no ordinary art show.

A floodlight surrounds an image. A large central figure sided by two smaller images. Beneath the image is an altar of sorts, the shape and texture of rock. On the pedestal is a large vessel sitting between a luminary and sacred book. The book is opened to pages that described the myth of the Goddess, who they are and what they represented and sacrificed. And into the vessel will be the first stone you are required to give up. This offering is necessary before you move deeper into the dwelling.

As you move onto the next stage the music continues to play. The atmosphere is bathed in soft colors and then a second major image beckons for your attention and contemplation. As with the previous image, you the viewer must again part with another stone and mark it accordingly on the card as the second item of importance given up.

You continue through the cave giving up at each image/altar your precious stone and marking it on your card. But the last altar is different. Yes there’s an altar with a luminary and bowl for your final stone, but the “sacred book” has blank pages and the large central image is a mirror. Your reflection holding your final offering, the MOST important thing you feel you cannot live without.


And with that final offering and when you exit - a sign overhead says - “Thyself you now know”

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