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Drawings and Portraits

weeping roses, weeping rose art, weeping roses art, rose wall art, darrell ross artist

The Rose Wall Project. The above artwork is a small paper casting that kids and adults can produce through a paper making introduction class and then color and mount on a wall with others

darrell ross artist, goddess, goddesses, paper sculpture  darrell ross artist, goddess, goddesses, paper sculpture


  Religioous Icons, Icons, Darrell Ross Artist  St. Jude, Religious Icons, Icon, Darrell Ross Artist Religious Icons, Icons, Darrell Ross Artist

Religious Icons

 Muse, Muses, Artist Novel, Darrell Ross, Darrell Ross artist, Passion

Muses of an Artist An Artist Novel  







Rose Wall Art, Weeping rose, Rose wall, weeping rose art, weepings roses, darrell ross artist, darrell ross paper art

Rose Wall Project

paper art, paper class, making paper, darrell ross paper artist

 Paper Making Class

Darrell Ross art, paper making, altar project, rose wall


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