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Darrell Ross art, pastel art, lanscape art, tree art, cloud art Darrell Ross art, abstract trees, landscape art, pastel artist 

Darrell Ross artist, landscape art, pastel art, trees, clouds Darrell Ross artist, abscract tree art, pastel art, landscape pastels

Darrell Ross artist, pastel art, landscape art, abstract tree art, tree art Darrell Ross artist, abstract tree art, landscape art, pastel art


Joe Girz Project

Weeping Roses















Darrell Ross is an artist specializing in drawing and pastel art.

If you can write your name

with a pencil on paper

then you will be able to do this

just taking my Learn to Draw like an artist class.

Please check out my Rose Wall Art Project  that teaches kids about not only how to make paper but the importance of sustainability. Each paper rose contains wild flower seeds or herb seeds to attract butterfly's and bees. Participants can then take these home and plant them in their garden. To learn more contact me thru my  e-mail.

Rose Wall Project

paper art, paper class, making paper, darrell ross paper artist

 Paper Making Class

Darrell Ross art, paper making, altar project, rose wall


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