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Download my outline novel of drawings and prints of people that I have known that were examples of how passion for something important in their lives guided them. Those people always provided me with inspiration to follow mine.

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Rose Wall Art Project











Darrell Ross is an artist and print maker. Specializing in aluminum foil lithography.

I am working on my artist novel "The Muses of an Artist". A series of stories illustrated with drawings and Aluminum foil lithographs. I will shortly put this on FundMe and other sites to raise money for a small etching press, supplies and to spend time solely on finishing the book for publication. My goal has always been to spend a year in Roswell New Mexico  working on my book and artwork. I need 3 artist to vouch for me and write a letter of supporting me. Also if you know of someone that might have a small press for sale please email me.

Please also check out my Rose Wall Art Project  that teaches kids about not only how to make paper but the importance of sustainability. Each paper rose contains wild flower seeds or herb seeds to attract butterfly's and bees. Participants can then take these home and plant them in their garden. To learn more contact me thru my  e-mail.

Rose Wall Project

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 Paper Making Class

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