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This is my general outline of my Learning to Draw class.

For a sample lesson click on the grid drawing.

This class is designed to provide you the basics of seeing like an artist does. The techniques and tips will help you develop your abilities to draw what you see in front of you. It is simple, straight forward and prevents the frustrations that you may have had in other art classes. If you have the desire to learn to draw then I can help you achieve those results.

Class I – Introduction
A: Preparatory drawings
1. Face - Draw another student in class
2. Chair

B: Learning the L-brain to R-brain Shift
1.  Vase-Face
2. Upside down drawing from photo
Class II - How to measure
A.  Understanding space
1.  Using a viewfinder
2.  Using your thumb
2.  Using your pencil
Class III - Perception of Relationships
A.   Portraits and why I use them
B.  Side Poses
1.   Using oneself
2.   Look at people in room
3.  Practice profiles
C. Front Poses
1.  Measuring oneself
2.  Measuring other people in room

Class IV – Perception of Lights and Darks
A.   Reflections
B.   Highlights
C.  Shadows
D. Cast Shadows
1.   Using eggs
2.   Using Paper boxes
Class V Final Test
Re-draw the person you first drew in class
Re-draw the chair you first drew in class
Re-cap the previous lessons and any questions you may have.
Each class will begin with a lecture, samples and discussion of the topic presented. Paper, pencils and a clipboard will be supplied. Instructions for making a viewfinder will also be handed out.
For more information: Darrell S. Ross • ddsrtist@yahoo.com



learn to draw, drawing lessons, darrell ross

This is a sample lesson from my class - Learning To Draw - How to draw and see like an artist.

This class was designed for those who have wanted to learn to draw but felt they couldn't. Any one can learn to draw! This class has been very successful in teaching the novice as well as those who had taken previous drawing classes. In fact I had a student who took a number of classes before mine and told me this was the first one that he was actually able to draw what he was looking at with the instruction and help that I was able to provide.


As an Art instructor, be it teaching drawing or paper making, we all need to use our hands, visualize and see things or maybe even take a walk to look, listen and think of possibilities.

Art is a connection to those things and it is a vital tool for our creativity as individuals. Learning just the basics of drawing can bring ideas and thoughts to imaginable being. Getting our hands dirty from paint, graphite or mud makes us feel alive. Seeing things in a fresh light can bring stimulating and exciting changes in our environment. And in ourselves.

I personally get excited and thrilled when my students get those Ah Ahhh moments. When after doing various class assignments they see progress and the possibilities. Their confidence increases, they feel excited about whats next and they look forward to what they will be able to accomplish as their skills increase.

Whether it's a child with their innocence and freedom to explore or the adult that begins again to have that freedom and take a chance to explore - this is what art does, this is what art is, and this is what I try to do as a teacher.

Please check out the sample lesson and see how easy it is!

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