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Icons, Myths and Legends - An Interactive Experience

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For hundreds of years icons have played an important part in the Orthodox Church. They were used to illustrate the Liturgy, being in accord with the texts of Holy Scripture, add details to them and make the gospels more comprehensible. In addition there were icons of saints revered in the locality as well as popular wonder-working images.

When babies were born her or his "Nativity" icon was made showing the saint on whose day the baby was born or baptized. For help in time of sufferings or illness icons were prayed to ask for assistance. Small icons were found on people's bosoms, folded and carried for protection. In woods or by fields they were hidden in tree hallows. Images were kept in barns and farmlands to protect cattle, as well as above entrance gates of estates and front doors of houses. And all houses had icons in the best part called the "beautiful corner".