Rose Wall Art Project

rose wall art project, weeping roses, weeping rose imagesrose art, darrell ross artist

weeping roses, darrell ross artist 

In 2009 I did a drawing of Weeping Roses. One was a black rose on a white background, the other of a white rose on a black background. The image was used on multiple websites and personal pages as it was easy to copy and paste on various pages. It has also been used on a cover of a CD and for a group protesting Sea World.

Till this day I still find it by searching Weeping Roses.  I’m rather flattered it has been so popular.

 rose wall art project, darrell ross art, rose wall art, weeping rose, rose art

darrell ross art, darrell ross artist, rose wall art, rose wall art project

rose-wall-art-project, rose-wall-art, weeping-roses, rose,darrell-ross

Rose Wall Art Project

Envision a wall that would be covered with individual hand colored roses. Each colored and decorated by a child that would be a representation of their personal style and interpretation of their visit to a rose or botanical garden

These cast paper roses would involve an introduction to recycled paper making. And will incorporate wild flower seeds or herbs. Then colored and mounted on a wall. Viewers can purchase them as a donation to the botanical or rose garden and take them home to be planted. The wild flowers will attract butterflies and bees and others can enjoy some fresh herbs.

This project could be incorporated with a educational tour provided by a "Rose Garden" as a way of teaching the children about the various flowers and colors. Through observation and study the kids can get some ideas for completing the project mentioned above or create plaster markers or step stones for a rose garden. They will receive a small heart and 5 x 7 cast paper for them to color, but by paying it forward they will produce each for the next child.

I hope to help raise funds and obtain sponsors that will provide operating monies for materials, rubber molds, plaster, paper pulp and paints. As well as publicity and awareness to the community.

Help with funding for this project will be appreciated. If you would like to donate please click on the Donate button or if you have materials and art supplies that you would like to offer please e-mail me at the contact list below.



Thank you,

Darrell Ross (440) 308 7329
Rose Wall Art Project









Rose Wall Art, Rose Wall Project, paper roses, rose heart, darrell ross

Leo Rose, weeping roses, darrell ross artist

weeping roses, darrell ross artist