Rose Wall Art Project

rose wall art project, weeping roses, rose art, darrell ross artist

In 2009 I did  did a drawing of weeping roses. One was a black rose on a white background and the other white on a black background. The image was used on multiple sites and personal pages, as it was easy to copy and download. It has been used on a cd cover and for a group protesting Sea World. Till this day I still find it searching for weeping rose art.

I decided to convert the original into a three dimensional image for paper castings for kids to paint and actually cast themselves. The small examples below show the results.

Rose wall art, weeping roses, rose art, cast roses, darrell ross artist

rose wall art,weeping roses, rose art, cast roses, darrell ross artist

The rose took on more of a heart shape and I decided to enlarge it to be used as garden markers, stepping stones and memorial markers. In which words could be added.

The small castings were intended for kids to color and create a colorful wall in school libraries, halls or at botanical gardens for decorations. This was part of an introduction to paper casting. And if they chose too - paint the larger ones to be put in actual gardens for display or memorials for loved ones or donors to the garden or institution, And like the kids these could also be done by residents of retirement centers, garden groups or for other institutions as part of an art therapy session.

The large pieces can be made out of plaster, concrete or other materials to withstand the environment and changes in the weather.

The image at the top of the page was done for a an individual that I was taking care of and past away. I put it at his grave site as a personal memorial to him and it is still there to this day.

At this moment in time because of the covid crises I would like to cast these in a studio and mail them out to kids to color. Have them send me a photo or the artwork so that I can have 10 to 20 combined together and produce a poster for a botanical garden to sell to raise money for their operation.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to do this please contact me. I would love to explain more and provide details on the process.






rose wall art, rose art, relif art, darrell ross artist