Rose Wall Art Project

rose wall art, weeping roses, rose art, darrell ross artist 

This is my Rose Wall Art Project.

In 2009 I did a drawing of Weeping Roses. One was a black rose on a white background, the other of a white rose on a black background. The image was used on multiple websites and personal pages as it was easy to copy and paste on various pages. It has also been used on a cover of a CD and for a group protesting Sea World.

Leo Rose, weeping rose art, weeping rose, darrell ross weeping rose art, seaworld, darrell ross, weeping rose

Till this day I still find it by searching Weeping Roses.  I’m rather flattered it has been so popular.

The Bigger The Wall – The More Children Involved

Envision a wall that would be covered with individual hand colored roses. Each colored and decorated by a child that would be a representation of their personal style and interpretation. The more varied, the better.

weeping rose art, weeping roses, darrell ross artist, rose wall art

weeping roses, rose wall art, weeping rose art, darrell ross artist

This project will be made of small paper castings of a rose that kids and adults can both produce through an introduction to paper making class. They can then color these and have them mounted on a wall..

This project could be incorporated with a educational tour provided by the "Rose Garden" as a way of teaching the children about the various flowers and colors. Through observation and study the kids can get some ideas for completing the project mentioned above.

In addition there will be plaster castings that will be used for walkways as a mosaic or attached to an outside wall.

We hope to help raise funds and obtain sponsors that will provide the "Rose Garden" operating monies and for upkeep. As well as publicity and awareness to the community.

Help with funding for this project will be appreciated. I would like to purchase materials, plaster, paper, paints, markers etc. If you would like to donate please click on the Donate button or if you have materials and art supplies that you would like to donate please e-mail us at the contact list below.


Send inquiries to or

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Rose Wall Art Project







Rose Wall Art, Darrell Ross

Rose Wall Art, Rose Wall Project, paper roses, rose heart, darrell ross


As an Art instructor, be it teaching drawing or paper making, we all need to use our hands, visualize and see things or maybe even take a walk to look, listen and think of possibilities.

Art is a connection to those things and it is a vital tool for our creativity as individuals. Learning just the basics of drawing can bring ideas and thoughts to imaginable being. Getting our hands dirty from paint, graphite or mud makes us feel alive. Seeing things in a fresh light can bring stimulating and exciting changes in our environment. And in ourselves.

I personally get excited and thrilled when my students get those Ah Ahhh moments. When after doing various class assignments they see progress and the possibilities. Their confidence increases, they feel excited about whats next and they look forward to what they will be able to accomplish as their skills increase.

Whether it's a child with their innocence and freedom to explore or the adult that begins again to have that freedom and take a chance to explore - this is what art does, this is what art is, and this is what I try to do as a teacher.