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 Brown-Head-Lighthouse-watercolor, darrell ross  Vinalhaven Me, Watercolors, Darrell Ross  Vinalhaven, Watercolors, Darrell Ross Brown Head Lighthouse, watercolor, darrell ross  Vinalhaven, Watercolors, Darrell Ross   Vinalhaven, Maine, watercolor, darrell ross  Watercolors, Trees, Forest, Darrell Ross  Lobster Shack, watercolor, darrell ross 

Vinalhaven, Trees, Forest, Watercolors, Darrell Ross   shack, watercolor, darrell ross, 







These are of few of the water colors I did while on a trip to Vinalhaven Maine. Included, but not shown are a number of drawings as well. For more information you can contact me from my contact page.

watercolor portrait, Joe Girz, portraits, darrell rossThis is a portrait of Joseph Girz. This was done while at Vinalhaven. Its an example of my watercolor portraits. I can provide you with a 18 x 24 painting for $500 from a original photo or e-mail. Please inquire for more information.

Goddesses, Altar Project, Altar, Darrell Ross Artist

Please check out my Altar Project page. This is a long time dream of mine to produce. I am looking for funding and assistance in producing it.

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