"Paper is a lot like our lives...strong, sometimes brittle,
a little torn or tossed a side. But with creativity and purpose
it can be reshaped into something new and beautiful"


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Gods, Myths and Legends


I am looking for sponsors or investors
for my Gods, Myths and Legends

I would like to purchase:
Plastic Sink or Tub - $50 to $100
Screens, frames and wood  - $100 -$200
Mixer, blenders and Book Press - $250 -$350
Fiber and Pulp - $150
Drill. Saw and workbench - $250

By clicking the Red Fund Me button
your donation of $5, $10, $25 or more will allow me
to produce my "Gods, Myths and Legends".
An installation project and be mentioned as a sponsor.
In addition prints of my pulled sheets will be made
and you will receive a hand sign copy of your choice.

Thank You.
















darrell ross artist, paper making, kids paper, art instructor

I have enjoyed the process of paper making for over 35 years. Taking raw pulp and molding it, shaping it or casting has been a pleasure.

Teaching kids to recycle it and make things has been a joy. Especially my Rose Wall Art Project. Unfortunately in these times of distance and caution it has been put on hold. Even when things relax it will never be the same.

As one who counted on teaching drawing and paper making my supplemental income is in doubt. So my concentration on paper making is in full form. And as such, equipment, space and materials is in dire need. It means a working studio, sink for forming pulp, blenders and mixers to make the pulp, screens and forms and other additional odds and ends so that I can concentrate on my installation that I call "Gods, Myths and Legends''. Cast figures, spirit books, and lanterns formed from sheets of paper with natural elements like twigs, straw, crushed nuts, twine and grasses into a dramatic experience that change ones perspective on their life and understand their priorities.

I ask you for your assistance and aid to help me continue this journey as my income is limited to just a social security check. And also being one of the vulnerable with COPD and heart problems.

This installation has always been my dream and passion. One of purpose, hope and a dream come to fruition.

Thank You