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Weeping Roses   

 Goddess, goddess art, darrell ross   Altar Project, Goddess art, Darrell Ross artist 

Goddesses                                Altar Project

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Lanterns                             Paper Art

 making paper, paper art, paper making, darrell ross artist   paper art, art journal, handmade book, note book, darrell ross paper art  






Welcome to my site. I am presently working on my Altar Project a series of hand made "spirit" books, lanterns and Cast paper goddesses. This project has been my goal to complete for many years and is still relevant today as it was when I conceived it. Please check it out - Altar Project. For inquiries or interest in other artwork please contact me by e-mail

Rose Wall Art, Weeping rose, Roser wall, weeping rose top, weepings roses, darrell ross artist, darrell ross paper art

Rose Wall Project

paper art, paper class, making paper, darrell ross paper artist

 Paper Making Class

Darrell Ross art, paper making, altar project, rose wall


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