Weeping Roses


Weeping Black Rose, Weeping Rose art, Black Rose, White Rose, Darrell Ross

This is a collection of my signature "Weeping Roses". These consist of drawn images, cast images and mixed media. They have become images that people have used on other sites and have had prints made by going to my FineArtAmerica account. If you have any questions or would like to purchase the originals please contact me by e-mail.

Also please check out my rose wall art project. This is a project involving kids to decorate and color a letter size drawing and to display them in rose gardens, rose parks or memorials. In addition t-shirts and ceramic tiles will also be made. If you are interested in helping me you may contribute materials or funds that will enable me to produce the pieces for the kids to color. Or if you are interested having your child color create the artwork please e-mail me for more information

 weeping rose art image,weeping roses, weeping rose art, darrell ross artist, darrell ross art

rose wall art, weeping roses, weeping rose art, darrell ross

weeping rose art image, rose wall art. weeping roses, weeping rose art, black rose ,rose art, darrell ross

weeping roses, red rose, rose, darrell ross

weeping rose art image, weeping rose art, white rose, darrell ross

weeping roses, darrell ross artist, rose art rose wall art

Weeping rose  darrell ross

weeping rose, weeping rose art, rose wall art, Darrell Ross artist  weeping rose art image, weeping rose art, darrell ross, weeping roses



My Weeping Black Rose on the cover of Leo Rose The Fear CD

Leo Rose, weeping rose, sad rose, Darrell Ross Artist

weeping rose Darrell Ross

Rose Wall Art Project

This a plaster casting representing my NEW Rose Wall Project. For more information click on the image.

Black Rose, darrell ross

The above image is one of my Black Rose Images. This one says in Chinese "Love Hurts"